Sticks and Stones may break my Bones

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What I wore today was pretty simple - Blue sweater, Jeans, Black Asos boots, snood and my Trench. I added my new rings but didn't take any pictures because 1)I was too tired 2)The camera was dead.
So the only picture I took today is the one I posted above. I've tried the red fruits version of the vitaminwater they now sell @Auchan and I'm pretty liking it! When waiting at the bus stop after school with a couple of friends and nearly dying of the cold (I dumbass left my gloves in my locker), two people came across, giving everyone free vitamin waters! I'd, ofc prefer a hot drink (hahaha) but I wanted to try some other flavors anyways and got this one - lemon! Tried some of my friends waters too and I think my favourite one is the flavor dragon fruit, really tasty!
Enough about that marvelous water - I had a hard, but good day, which included a german freehour. I used it and my fix free for biology, still don't get everything, ugh. I understand/studied most of it but don't feel secure at all. I think I'm gonna read my notes again before going to bed, I remember things best when sleeping after studying!
I think that's all to write down for today. Oh, I'll go to a friend's house tomorrow to work on our english-movie-presentation, so I'll be home around 6.20 already, which means that I'll be able to update!

Now gonna catch up reading aaall those blogs which updated the last two days and then I'm off to, hopefully sweet dreams, Cya! xx


  1. The dragon fruit one is my favorite too! :D

  2. haha everyone's going crazy for it since they started selling it.. even me ^^


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