She wants to erase me!

Friday, 5 November 2010

This is all I bought today - Finally found some transparent tights!
Well I also bought the new german Grazia and two weird, cold drinks which were supposed to be something like a Frappuccino without coffee, for me and Jil. I actually wanted to meet her around 3, but since the train I was supposed to take somehow didn't come (they said it did, weird that we didn't see it..?), I spent some more time @Trier and was finally in town at 4, ouf! We ran around @Gare but without any results of finding great shops. We then went (as usual) to the Coffee Lounge and took a few photos.
I don't really have more to write here since Jil's editing and uploading the pics right now, so I'll post them ASAP! xx

I finally figured out how to add the youtube-vids with only that grey thingie and not the whole picture, so listen to this:


  1. wi mejt en dad dann mad den videos?:P x

  2. I lovelovelove Kid Cudi and this song. <33


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