Paris je t'adore

Thursday, 4 November 2010

picture taken by me.

Just quickly wanted to stop by and let you know that tomorrow I'll only be able to post when I'm at home again in the evening. My parents told me that we're going to Trier tomorrow morning (we're leaving at 9, yuck) and then I'll take the train (yes, on my own, never did that before, haha!) to Luxembourg Town aaand meet lovely Jil! We'll be sitting in the Coffee Lounge, take too many pictures (hello outfitpicture!) and will take a look at all these new shops @Gare. Also I'm probably gonna sell two more things tomorrow, which means $$!
I'm now off to bed, where I'll at least try to find some sleep. I should really get used to go to bed around 10 again, school soon! Sleep tight xx

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