Wednesday, 3 November 2010

This is the only thing I bought today: Grey Over knees, from H&M! I'm so happy I finally found a pair, I already gave up all my hopes on finding some.
Unfortunately, we didn't go to the cinema, but now I'm home one hour earlier and gonna relax with Pizza and TV. Hopefully gonna post some more later! xx


  1. oh wow ave been looking for ever to i never find them in black
    can you pleaz pleaz where them oin a next post so i can seeee how they look
    tell me if they are anygood
    thnk you
    much love

  2. i was planning to maybe wear them tomorrow:)

  3. Nice :) I'm going to try and get my thigh-high grey ones from American Apparel soon :) for $15, they better stay up!! :P


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