,oh so simple

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hey guys! Just came back from Echternach, 45€ richer and now I have to start some serious studying. I could do a million other things right now, like tidying my room, baking, watching GG, read my new Grazia magazine, work on my layout or click through Onlineshops but no - I have to study german and biology, hmpf.
This is what I wore today, nothing really special, but I got in such a big hurry that I even applied my mascara and powder in the bus! Like I said, study-time now, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna post again tonight, gonna have free house! See ya 'til then xx


  1. i like the outfit, you look prett :)

  2. wei hues de den 3D effekt gema?:)
    an den top do hun ej jo och hihi:) x


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