number 98!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Outfit from today! Wore my black fake allstars with it and my Trench. Love that striped shirt! If you want any informations about where I got what from, ask here.
More pictures coming soon;)

PS: WOOOW we're getting closer to 100Followers, exciteeed! I'd love to make a Giveaway but don't know about what/what to give away? Anyways, thank youu!


  1. Lovely shirt, oh and I love your rings.

  2. really like the outfit! but especially the rings!!! they look reeeally nice, but maybe not perfect matched together? :) don't get me wrong, they look really cool and i love them. maybe they just would look better separately, but that's just a small detail :)

  3. thank you:) and yeah, I know that they would look even better combinated diferentely but I didn't have any other rings to add:/ buut I'm sure that when my new rings from asos arrive, I'll find better ways to wear them:D


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