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Monday, 8 November 2010

Only picture I took today - grabbed some Pizza on my way home after bringing my brother to my mum's work. It was really good and only 2,80€! I nearly missed my second bus and now I'm finally home and finished my spanishhomework, thanks god.
My day was actually pretty cool because I only had 4 instead of 7 schoollessons - but not because of frees, but the whole 5th year had this thing where a teacher tells you more informations about between which subjects you can choose for the last two years (still can't belive I'm already that.. old!) and about the different possibilities to go study after school, etc. Was really relaxed and we missed french, history and maths - Win Win!
I'm sorry for my lame blogging today, but this is most possibly all I'm gonna post today. I'm gonna have a shower now, watch some GG and eat the rest of the brownies, see ya xx

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  1. Ahhhh,pizza.You always get me so hungry,haha.


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