Friday, 12 November 2010

So here's what I got today! The grey dress is from H&M and really basic. I think I'm gonna wear it a little shorter, though, it's pretty long. I finally found a nice Trench Coat - from H&M as well, really happy! And then, the most fabulous of all: I found a pair of skinny but comfortable Jeans at H&M!! Still can't believe they actually fit me that well:D They were only 10€ and they also have them in a darker colour, I don't think my mum'll have something against buying the other ones for me too, haha! I usually had to spend 50€ for one pair of Jeans! And last but not least - I got this cute knitted jacket from ZARA, grey again, I know, but it's like my actual favourite colour and it's thicker as my other cardigans and I wanted something big, knitted and thick for a while now, so this is perfect! Mummy paid everything 'cause I seriously was in need of some stuff for this rainy and cold weather - The luxembourgish weather!

PS: Thanks for all the answers to my posts about downloading music, already tried out one or two and they're working pretty good! I really appreciate that, thank you!


  1. dass gring :) hunn zua keng foto, mee kann awer eng man :)

  2. awesome buys! i really love the trench coat - been looking for one for quite some time, but havent found the right one yet :). you made me want to go shopping! xo

  3. I like the things your bought! I think I need some basic short dress as well :) and the vest you bought earlier at Zara is just so cool!


  4. the trench coat looks amaizing.
    how much was it in £

  5. it was 40€ so ~£30 i'd say:)

  6. Den Mantel ass wiaklej flott ! :)


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