My day in Pictures - 10/11

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Three pics of what I did/bought today!
1- Saw this amazing vest, tried it on and.. fell in love! Mum picked it up for me tonight, ohh I'm so haaappy! +I saw a pretty, beige Trenchcoat in ZARA (the vest's also from there) and mum said we're probably gonna have a look for some new shirts, etc for me on Friday.. I'm going to try to convince her about the Trench.. *Fingers crossed*
2- Bought these with I today, we shared the price and the.. thingies, hehe. I felt like trying out yellow nailpolish but didn't wanna buy some, soo I'm excited about these, perfect for my grey-black-ish outifits!
3- Me with lovely I! Here you can also kind of see my outfit - You wouldn't want be to bore you with more details, I just threw over some stuff that fell into my hands this morning. Oh and I just discovered how bad the quality of that pic is.. nevermind:D

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