Monday, 15 November 2010

Don't ask me what I'm doing here.. :D
One of my favourites, hehe
 I'm so cool I keep spoons in my bag!
Two cutie pies ❤
 A guy took this one - with a certain intetion, erm - but I love it!

Today I learned that it's not a good idea to let the camera lay in my bag, everyone took it out and took tons of - sometimes not so pretty, haha - pictures with it. Here are a few I edited and like!

Enough for tonight, I'm off to bed! I'm not sure if I can post tomorrow since my dad's taking the Laptop with him, but we'll see! Otherwise, stay updated checking my twitter from time to time and keep spamming my formspring! xx

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  1. my hair is about the same length as yours but it is always so "wild" looking :D yours looks very nice with right amount of shine...i am just being curious, what products do you use?



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