mini photobomb - 2

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Didn't take any pictures of my yesterday's and today's outfit, and belive me, you'd be bored to hell. I only wore like some random sweaters/shirts with leggings and jeans. It's too cold to focus on looking trendy and special right now, I hate freezing. (Which I'm anyways, but whatever) So I decided to show you some pics I took Sunday and today!

1: V's place, with K, really crappy picture, I know! 2: I counted all my loose money on Sunday, all in all I counted 21€, woop! 3+4: Took these two pictures this morning, so pretty in my opinion! I wish it could snow and not get colder than 10degrees, haha! 5: V & I both got the most awesome advent calendar e v e r ! I'm such a freak when it comes to advent calendars, I don't want one, I need one!

Sorry for the lame update, I'll let ya know if there's something special happening in my boring life xx


  1. I always love to have chocolate advent calender at Christmas. The snow looks very pretty, though a pain to drive in.


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