mini photbomb

Saturday, 27 November 2010

1: I changed my mind (yeh, I know, I always change my mind, haha) about the white mocca - I decided to try making a Chai Tea Latte, which turned out quite good!
2+3: I tried on my new lenses my mum picked up for me yesterday. I wasn't happy with my other ones anymore because they weren't really comfortable worn (those who have lenses as well understand what I mean) and my eyes became much more sensible and dry than at the beginning when I got them. These are someway more with 'natural ingredients' and made with less chemistral stuff (no idea how to explain this properly), all in all, they should be more comfortable! Since my optician already told them that most people gotta get used to them for 2 to 3 days after not 'feeling' them anymore, I do 'feel' them right now, which is a confusing feeling.
I don't know why I spammed you with all this contacts-stuff, but yeah, whatever, hehe!


  1. I couldn't wear contacts, I hate putting things in my eye.

  2. yeah i know what you mean! have had 3 different kinds of lenses. am finally satisfied :-D


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