Saturday, 6 November 2010

A few pictures I took yesterday around 1am (or - today, haha). I don't know what it was, but I felt like taking cool pics! I finally found a white wall in my house which has something standing in front of it, but with the perfect distance to the wall so that taking pictures with selftimer will be supersimple, voilĂ , I solved my outfit-problem for winter!
I'm now gonna finish cleaning + tidying my room (nearly done!!) and maybe try to study some Biology, eww. I'll give my best to do the roum-tour-vid today or tomorrow, so that I'll have that done before school starts again, yuck!
Expect more updates, sweethearts! xx


  1. Love your socks! Where are they from?

  2. am loving this socks just one Q
    are they called knee highs or thigh high socks on the packet ?
    did you buy them in a pair with two more socks

  3. they were "alone" in one pack and they're overknees, not knee highs! :)

  4. love those grey socks. love love them :-)


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