LIKEY - or not

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

After getting pretty a lot of positive feedback about my YES/NO post from from a few weeks ago and being bored, I decided to do a similar one again. I clicked through the 'New In' Sections of Topshop, New Look, Asos and H&M and here's what I found:



1 - I already have a denimshirt but I'm falling for them everytime I see them somewhere. I always have to remind myself that I have a pretty one, hanging lonely in my wardrobe and I always decide that I'll wear it more often from that day on. Guess what? I never know what to wear it with. So if you have any ideas/Inspirations (also pictures of others wearing Denim Shirts), show me them, I'd love to wear my beloved shirt in more different ways!
2 - This blazer is just beautiful. It's classic, plain and clean. Exactly what I'd need right now to light up my dark wardrobe a little. I'm wearing way too much black and grey. I need more colours, light ones!
3 - Since when does H&M make beautiful shoes?! I'm a little impressed, I gotta say. These look like eyecandy to me. But I'm staying faithful to my other wedges, heh.
4 - I know - grey, again. But I'm really loving such shirts right now! I feel like wearing comfortable, big and simple shirts all winter long. Combinated with rings and necklaces.. hmm!

5 - Leopard prints - okay, Maxi dresses - absolutely. But Maxi dresses with leopard prints? Ugh, don't think so..
6 - "Cooolio, I'm a beaar, WRAAAH" - nothing more to say
7 - I never saw the point of wearing finger-less gloves. It's like.. senseless?:D Oh and these aren't even pretty.
8 - Ehm, no. No, no, no, no.. NO?!
9 - I seriously don't get why H&M produced them not only in white (!!) a few months ago but also in black, now, for winter?! + They look so.. clumsy!
10 - This looks just wrong, don't you think?

Only my opinion, btw! xx


  1. i love that grey blazer it look so good
    where is ot from :)

  2. you mean the white one? from Topshop!:)

  3. finger-less gloves are good if you have a screen touch phone, you don't have to take off your gloves every time you need to text, call or smth. ;)


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