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Sunday, 21 November 2010

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Just quickly wanted to let you know that I'm most probably not gonna post today, I'll spend my afternoon @V's place, studying Biology. Now I'm gonna tidy my room and do some more German. I do update my tumblr from time to time, though, when I don't have enough time for proper posts, so check it out! And ofc, stalk my twitter to be up to date and ask me questions on my formspring, gonna answer them for sure, I'm checking my phones every 10minutes anyways, haha!

PS: FIY, I ordered the three rings from asos yesterday, can't wait for them to arrive!

PPS: I'm working on a small, cute favicon, should be online soon! I tried out a few sites to upload the favicon but they don't want to upload it, crap! Hope I'll find a solution xx

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  1. a solution is, already tried myself.
    and there was or something like that where you can find image hosts by their supported types. hope this helps.


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