Thursday, 4 November 2010

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Just a quick hello! Wanted to ask you what you think about my new layout? I worked pretty hard on it, even begun a fight with the HTML, but I'm pretty satisfied now! There are still some really small details I'm working on, for example all the widgets on the left. In my opinion it's a mess, but I'm gonna figure that out, somehow. I actually feel more motivated now, since that's the way I wanted my layout for quite long, so maybe I'll post more? Or as much as I posted yesterday (that was quite a lot, right?).
Here are some ideas that ran through my mind while sitting in the bus, in boring schoollessons, while looking through other blogs, reading magazines and reading your feedback:
  • What's in my bag? - I know that this is a classy post and many, many bloggers do such, but I've always loved to see what they carry around all day.
  • Video of my room +more details. - I got a few requests on taking more pictures/showing more of my room. Well, I decided that a Video would be so much cooler, no? But, looking around here, I think I know what I'll be doing today - right, tidying!
  • My favourite blogs // every week // every month // whenever I feel like sharing some with you? - This is also a really commun way of posting something, but I'm always looking forward on discovering new, fresh blood, eeh blogs, heh!
I'm sure and I hope that there'll be more upcoming ideas to improve my blog, get more comments and, last but not least more followers! If you have any ideas what I should post (or again here: what I should take pictures of), tell me! xx

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  1. lmfao:D
    an mach en wahts in my bag postttt :D


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