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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Since some of you also asked me to do more fashionrelated posts, I decided to show you my Top 4 Jackets and Vests I'd like to own right now. There all four pretty different from eachother, but I want to try to convince my mum to buy me at least one of them. I found all these pretty things on Asos and Topshop. Oh, and believe me, if I'd have enough money, they would already have found a new home in my wardrobe.


Leathervests with furcollars


Jeans- or Leatherjackets with furcollars

I tried on a too big (it was S, ugh.) Trenchcoat, a nice Leathervest with a furcollar, which I'm not sure about yet, a Jeansjacket with a furcollar which I liked but which hasn't convinced me yet, a Leatherjacket with a furcollar, which looked weird on me on and I saw a furvest, all in ZARA. Hmm do you know any other good shops in Luxembourg where I could maybe find similar ones? I think I'm gonna convince Jil to go to the Gare on Friday, seems that there are quite many, small but really coold shops hidden in the smallest streets over there!


  1. Yeah definitely try on a coat instead of buying online. It might not fit right otherwise!


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