Friday, 5 November 2010

A few pictures from this afternoon! Since it was already dark around 4/half past 4, most of the pictures turned out quite bad, so here a just a few good ones. Eventhough we didn't have much time to spend with eachother, I really enjoyed seeing her again! I'm so happy that we're still having contact, eventhough we actually don't do anything else together than meet. I love you, Jil♥ (Don't forget to check her blog here!!)

EDIT: I got a problem: Can you see the veery light border around the pictures? Well I don't want that but somehow can't fix it when looking through the HTML.. does anybody know how I can get that away? It's pretty annoying and I don't want to change the whole layout again..

++ I've been thinking of maybe doing a musiclist of my actual favourite ones. YES/NO?


  1. i love you too! <3

  2. go to template designer or whatever it's called and there should be something that says "border", and simply make it white


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