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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What I wore today! I'm sorry for my boring update the last week and this one, but I don't know what to post!:( I'd loove to post two or three times a day/posts a day, but don't know about what expect for my outfit? Leave some ideas below or here if you have any, please!
Oh, btw: Bio was big shit, and I wasn't the only one coming out of the class with a look on my face saying " W T F", I hope she's being nice and pushing our marks a little, ugh.

Finished my moviepresentation with M today, gonna most probably spend my first three hours (2h maths, 1h english) watching movies and eating cake (during maths) so I'm really relaxed about tomorrow morning. I'll end my thursday in a tough way, just as always - Geo, History, French and (not-so-tough-)Moral. Let's hope my beloved (erm..) germanteacher's absent tomorrow as well!

See ya, maybe later? xx


  1. who is your germanteacher?

  2. ia, deen ass na do :) ka wéieng gréisst et ass, hunn en io selwa gema gell :) x


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