Thursday, 18 November 2010
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Hey you all out there, my lovely, patient readers!
First of all, yes, I'm still alive and I'm really sorry for the blogginglack of 2 days!
I did take pics from my outfit/s and some others too and uploaded them, but since I'm on my dad's work-laptop, I can't install Photoscape and edit them as usual. I tried to use photoshop but - hell, it's so difficult! I didn't find the right button to resize the pictures, hehehe. So I'm just gonna let you get some news from me and enjoy this totally delicious looking picture I found.
My days were all okay, today I had maths test which was harder than I thought but I really can't say how it was..
I spent my whole afternoon yesterday to study until I nearly dreamed of cosinus and sinus, so not cool, huh.
I didn't have any homework today so I went to V's place with K where we ate and watched TV and gossiped.
Right now I'm beginning to get tired (which is a good thing since I need more sleep!) and thinking about what to wear tomorrow and trying not to think about the upcoming weekend - I have to study german and nearly 30 pages of biology - shoot me nooow, eww.

Got my report on Tuesday and I'm pretty satisfied:
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography - 7, Biology, Moral - 7.5, English, French, German, Spanish, History, Gym - 8|9|10 (there's only one box for the marks between 8 and 10, the teacher just put a cross in it).

Also found out how my compos will be - but more about that some other time!

I'm now gonna put my bag together and the things I'm selling tomorrow and then probably go to bed - Hope you understand my "long" absence, but I really didn't have the time/opportunity to post!
Sleep tight xx

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  1. uh, i hate school assignments! it always takes sooo much time to do everything :/ btw THANK YOU so much girl for putting me into your blog list ♥



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