Monday, 8 November 2010

 ERASE ME - KID CUDI - Kid Cudi is just awesome, his songs are always really good.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - BRUNO MARS - One of the most beautiful songs I'm listening to right now, the text's so cute and the song totally gets stuck in my head!

SUN IN MY POCKET - LOCNVILLE - I've first heard this one on the radio and as soon as I'm listening to it on my iPod, I totally get in a good mood, I always think back to the great summer I had this year.

LIKE A G6 - FAR EAST MOVEMENT - I think the text's quite stupid and not logical but this is a song you just wanna start dancing to.

BITCH I'M SPECIAL - RIHANNA- Don't really know why I like this one so much.. It's just cool.

PHOTGRAPHS - RIHANNA - This one is a really beautiful song too and I like that Will.i.am's cooperating with Rihanna ; good mix!

L.O.V.E - FRANK SINATRA - Hahaha I know that this one is old, but I just don't get tired of it, it's so relaxed and I always feel the need of starting to sing when I hear it, especially when I'm with my friends and we're walking through the school, this always gets me in a really good and funny mood!

These are just the ones I'm currently listening to and loving. I'm always on the search for new songs, so if you know any good ones, please let me know, I feel like expanding my musiclist! 


  1. love the last two songs.
    so catchy. l o v e

  2. LOVE the G6 one and rihanna is amazing. :)

  3. i love the original mr postman song,
    but this song ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_VFU4dKsr8 ) is intense :)


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