Friday, 26 November 2010

That's what I was a little when coming out of H&M with only a scarf bought. Don't get me wrong - I love the scarf, but the Jeggings I tried on were too big, the shirt too long and the skirt.. weird. The good thing is that I got 45,95€ back, since I brought back a jacket (to Zara) and a pair of jeans (to H&M) and I only spent 7,95€ for the scarf, so I'm a little richer now. But I saw a really cute, simple and super-comfortable looking hoodie @ ZARA which I'd like to own!
Enough about my shopping(erm, not) adventures - Spent my time with two friends, had Pizza and a funny evening while dancing Samba and Salsa, carramba! Haha, uploading the pics from today right now, gonna post them in a few minutes!

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  1. There's something so cosy and romantic about a long chunky knit scarf. Lovely for Winter.


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