Sunday, 14 November 2010

I finally used my apple-ish coloured nailpolish again and love it! Totally forgot how good it can look since I haven't used it for like months! Right now I'm tidying my room a little, putting my schoolstuff together and thinking about what to wear tomorrow. I think I'm gonna go to school in four different shades of grey, haha. Also thinking about wearing these two rings together tomorrow - I always get so critical about myself and what I wear, I'm afraid that it looks overdressed or too much. What do you think of the combination of the two rings?

PS: Decided to work on my tumblr a little again. Don't expect supercool updates, or even regular ones, but I'm trying and I found some awesome tumblrs which inspire me like ooh-so-much, for example this one, it's pink and girly and.. awesome! So click here to get to my tumblr!
Sleep tight, sweethearts xx


  1. Hunn en nie ugesoen :p sorry,den waissen Rang ass fort :/ wann meng schwester mch op main Laptop leisst,schreiwn ch dt och dohinner :p

  2. Where are ur rings from???? I loove them, specially the one with the wings :D x

  3. oh I love your rings! and I have a similar nailpolish from Topshop :)


  4. the one with the wings' from asos, the other one from H&M :)


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