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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just a quick update with a picture of what I wore today. I'm glad Thursday's finally over, it's definitely the hardest schoolday during the week! Got two tests back, I screwed Geography, I got 6.5, bleehh but 9.25 in History, so that's okay, I'd say. I totally forgot to tell ya that I only had two hours of school yesterday, tehehee, I finished at 10:20! Also had a french free today which is quite unusual because she's that kind of small, strict frenchteacher and is like sick twice a year - but I'm not complaining about the free!
I know that my posting's quite lame these few days and my posts are one like the other, but I don't have lots of time or/and inpsiration during the week.. But I always try to catch up on posting on weekends! Gotta study maths this weekend, though, so don't expect tooo many posts..
See you soon, I'd say xx


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  1. love your grey jumper and this outfit


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