Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just downloaded shit loads of music, all found on Agnija's Tumblr, love her taste of music! I'm now thinking about the things I saw and wanted @ H&M Divided. On my wishlist are a pair of khaki Jeggings (kind of military), maybe one or two random sweaters and a big, fat scarf. I think I'll take a look at it tomorrow afternoon, gotta return some stuff anyways, so I'll even have the money to pay, hah! + I still have around 15€ from my 30€ I get per week to pay my lunch, woah! I guess that means that there'll be a little more pocketmoney for me this week!

Just felt like posting this. The pics are random ones I picked up on weheartit, The first one's really cool and I want the girl's cup from the second picture! Sleep tight! xx

PS: Wow so many !'s, haha!

PPS: Looking out for some fresh air on Tumblr! If you have one, leave the link below, I'll check out every single link I'll get!


  1. vun engem neien schunggeschäft vis-à-vis vum alima bei da gare :)

  2. http://weirdcrayons.tumblr.com/ :)

  3. Lovely blog.
    I want that big cup too.
    H&M is such a wonderful store, I could buy just about everything if I had the money.


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