mini photobomb - 2

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Didn't take any pictures of my yesterday's and today's outfit, and belive me, you'd be bored to hell. I only wore like some random sweaters/shirts with leggings and jeans. It's too cold to focus on looking trendy and special right now, I hate freezing. (Which I'm anyways, but whatever) So I decided to show you some pics I took Sunday and today!

1: V's place, with K, really crappy picture, I know! 2: I counted all my loose money on Sunday, all in all I counted 21€, woop! 3+4: Took these two pictures this morning, so pretty in my opinion! I wish it could snow and not get colder than 10degrees, haha! 5: V & I both got the most awesome advent calendar e v e r ! I'm such a freak when it comes to advent calendars, I don't want one, I need one!

Sorry for the lame update, I'll let ya know if there's something special happening in my boring life xx

I know you wanna make love to me

Sunday, 28 November 2010

I'm back from V's place! We basically watched TV, until K came to join us, we then had Pizza and Fajitas, played with the webcam and made like 1278403764648 GIFs! I really like that one above, so cool, haha!
Everytime I'm with these two ladies, I'm afraid of drinking and eating because we can't stop laughing and I'm always scared of dying when accidentally choking on something! (I know, I sound so silly right now, hahah)

This post isn't really interesting, I know, but I just wanted to say bye for today! Gonna have a shower, tidy my room *Iwastoolazytodoitthewholeweekend* and try to fall asleep not too late! See yaa xx

Who am I living for?

yess, finally some pictures taken outside, with daylight!
The reason I haven't posted earlier today is that I spent my whole morning at V's place, watching Disney Movies, it's DISNEYDAY on Pro7!!:D
We watched the end of Camp Rock 2, a movie called "Prinzessinenschutzprogramm", which is about.. princesses and stuff (really, no idea what it's called in english) and started another, random movie. I looove Disney, btw.
I'm now off to her place again, for some more TV, ha! I decided that I can't be bothered to open my spanish books and that I'm gonna study during the week, hehe.

Oh, and really good news: Tomorrow after school I'm meeting up with the best daddy of the world and we'll go look for a camera I'll get for Christmas, excited!!
More tonight, maybe xx 

Saturday Night's Outfit

Since I still couldn't decide which shoes I should wear, I just looked for the accessoires I wanted to wear with - and came to the conclusion that I should wear my wedges! So here's my yesterday's outfit. Took off the watch during the evening, though.
Really liked the danceshow and even regretted not being on stage for a few seconds, but I wouldn't have the time anyways, sigh!

mini photbomb

Saturday, 27 November 2010

1: I changed my mind (yeh, I know, I always change my mind, haha) about the white mocca - I decided to try making a Chai Tea Latte, which turned out quite good!
2+3: I tried on my new lenses my mum picked up for me yesterday. I wasn't happy with my other ones anymore because they weren't really comfortable worn (those who have lenses as well understand what I mean) and my eyes became much more sensible and dry than at the beginning when I got them. These are someway more with 'natural ingredients' and made with less chemistral stuff (no idea how to explain this properly), all in all, they should be more comfortable! Since my optician already told them that most people gotta get used to them for 2 to 3 days after not 'feeling' them anymore, I do 'feel' them right now, which is a confusing feeling.
I don't know why I spammed you with all this contacts-stuff, but yeah, whatever, hehe!


So I'm sitting here in front of the computer, looking outside and starting to think about what I should wear tonight. The first picture shows what it looks like outside right now, it's about -2°C, brrr.
I was planning to wear my DIY-shirt, black leggings and my new scarf and I now came to the point where I don't know which shoes to wear with! I'd really like to wear my wedges again, but at the same time, I'd love to make the whole outfit look a little rough-er by wearing my black boots from asos.
So here's my question: Which shoes do you think should I wear tonight?

EDIT: I'm checking the comments I got on that post right now and it's 3:2 for the wedges, I still can't decide, haha:D And some people asked me where I'm going tonight: I'm gonna see Jil dancing! It's a big show, but it isn't really classy or anything, but yeah.. something like that:)

Plans for today:
- tidy my room
- look over my spanish verbs - tengo que estudiaar!
- get a white mocca
- chill
- go to Jil's danceshow!


Friday, 26 November 2010

Hahah the last picture's so funny:D Isabel looks like a ghost, woooh, hehehe! Spent a really nice afternoon, just as always!

I just reminded myself that I have a small, actually useless video on the camera, hmm let's see if youtube let's me upload it?

number 98!

Outfit from today! Wore my black fake allstars with it and my Trench. Love that striped shirt! If you want any informations about where I got what from, ask here.
More pictures coming soon;)

PS: WOOOW we're getting closer to 100Followers, exciteeed! I'd love to make a Giveaway but don't know about what/what to give away? Anyways, thank youu!

That's what I was a little when coming out of H&M with only a scarf bought. Don't get me wrong - I love the scarf, but the Jeggings I tried on were too big, the shirt too long and the skirt.. weird. The good thing is that I got 45,95€ back, since I brought back a jacket (to Zara) and a pair of jeans (to H&M) and I only spent 7,95€ for the scarf, so I'm a little richer now. But I saw a really cute, simple and super-comfortable looking hoodie @ ZARA which I'd like to own!
Enough about my shopping(erm, not) adventures - Spent my time with two friends, had Pizza and a funny evening while dancing Samba and Salsa, carramba! Haha, uploading the pics from today right now, gonna post them in a few minutes!


Thursday, 25 November 2010
Just downloaded shit loads of music, all found on Agnija's Tumblr, love her taste of music! I'm now thinking about the things I saw and wanted @ H&M Divided. On my wishlist are a pair of khaki Jeggings (kind of military), maybe one or two random sweaters and a big, fat scarf. I think I'll take a look at it tomorrow afternoon, gotta return some stuff anyways, so I'll even have the money to pay, hah! + I still have around 15€ from my 30€ I get per week to pay my lunch, woah! I guess that means that there'll be a little more pocketmoney for me this week!

Just felt like posting this. The pics are random ones I picked up on weheartit, The first one's really cool and I want the girl's cup from the second picture! Sleep tight! xx

PS: Wow so many !'s, haha!

PPS: Looking out for some fresh air on Tumblr! If you have one, leave the link below, I'll check out every single link I'll get!

oh boy you've got me all messed up

So the first picture (yeh, it's a single big, big collage) shows my outfit. I finally decided to wear my DIY-shirt again - good choice! I didn't take the jacket off all day, though, but whatever. I had two hours of lunch break, since my german teacher was sick and had lunch at McDonald's which was definitely a good thing to eat since I'm living from Sandwiches and cookies during the schoolweek! My last hours went by really quickly and all in all I had a good day.
The second picture shows what happens when I'm bored during history; I startet tattoo-ing my hands over and over, haha! I made three more, simple tattoos on my left hand, but they faded so much that it doesn't make sense to take pictures of them! Oh, FIY: The I'll make you l-l-l-l-lovesick's from a song from The Pretty Reckless and the fish saying Yo, Imma sexy fish! is some insider-joke between a friend and me, heh.

That's all for today - I'm off to some GG!

PS: Except more updates on the WE, will have more time since I only have to start studying spanish! And oh don't forget to check this and this! xx

yes that's right

So this is what I've been up to the last two hours! Ate, drank and watched TV - believe it or not, but I have no homework and nothing to study for - HEAVEN, I tell ya!
I'm editing and uploading my outfitpics right now, so stay tuned! xx


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

 all from Topshop
This looks like a perfect christmas-wishlist to me, so Dear Santa.. Or not, hm!
But I didn't tell you that we are maybe going to.. noo telling you that when it's sure we're going, so it'll be a surprise;)
I don't know what to say more, except for that if anybody feels like paying one or two of these awesome things, mail me, haha!
Off to bed, sleep tight xx

i got the sun in my pocket

What I wore today! I'm sorry for my boring update the last week and this one, but I don't know what to post!:( I'd loove to post two or three times a day/posts a day, but don't know about what expect for my outfit? Leave some ideas below or here if you have any, please!
Oh, btw: Bio was big shit, and I wasn't the only one coming out of the class with a look on my face saying " W T F", I hope she's being nice and pushing our marks a little, ugh.

Finished my moviepresentation with M today, gonna most probably spend my first three hours (2h maths, 1h english) watching movies and eating cake (during maths) so I'm really relaxed about tomorrow morning. I'll end my thursday in a tough way, just as always - Geo, History, French and (not-so-tough-)Moral. Let's hope my beloved (erm..) germanteacher's absent tomorrow as well!

See ya, maybe later? xx

Sticks and Stones may break my Bones

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What I wore today was pretty simple - Blue sweater, Jeans, Black Asos boots, snood and my Trench. I added my new rings but didn't take any pictures because 1)I was too tired 2)The camera was dead.
So the only picture I took today is the one I posted above. I've tried the red fruits version of the vitaminwater they now sell @Auchan and I'm pretty liking it! When waiting at the bus stop after school with a couple of friends and nearly dying of the cold (I dumbass left my gloves in my locker), two people came across, giving everyone free vitamin waters! I'd, ofc prefer a hot drink (hahaha) but I wanted to try some other flavors anyways and got this one - lemon! Tried some of my friends waters too and I think my favourite one is the flavor dragon fruit, really tasty!
Enough about that marvelous water - I had a hard, but good day, which included a german freehour. I used it and my fix free for biology, still don't get everything, ugh. I understand/studied most of it but don't feel secure at all. I think I'm gonna read my notes again before going to bed, I remember things best when sleeping after studying!
I think that's all to write down for today. Oh, I'll go to a friend's house tomorrow to work on our english-movie-presentation, so I'll be home around 6.20 already, which means that I'll be able to update!

Now gonna catch up reading aaall those blogs which updated the last two days and then I'm off to, hopefully sweet dreams, Cya! xx

black and white

Quick hello from me! I'm really sorry that i didn't post yesterday, but I'm usually only home around 9 on Mondays, so I just take a shower and jump in my bed. I took two outfitpics yesterday, but since I had to take them inside, the pictures aren't really good quality +I didn't have any white wall I could use to take them, I edited them to black and white. But that's okay because the dress, the scarf, the jacket and the shoes are black and the tights grey anyways, haha.
Gonna post another post in a few secs, see ya xx

out of the corner of my eye

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I felt like really, really wanting to post something before watching GG, re-read german and go to bed, so I took a few pics of my room. I'm really liking the cool mix of white and blue walls and blankets and black and light furniture. It's way cleaner now and I'm happier than ever about my room!
I'm now gonna do what I just mentioned I'll do, watch Gossip Girl while scratching the rest of my nailpolish off and then I'm off to ZZzz!

Listen to this, my newest Music-Crush


Hahaha okay, I'm sorry, but I had to post this, it's so fucking cute!!!

From weheartit, ofc!

lazy mood

 picture from weheartit
Just quickly wanted to let you know that I'm most probably not gonna post today, I'll spend my afternoon @V's place, studying Biology. Now I'm gonna tidy my room and do some more German. I do update my tumblr from time to time, though, when I don't have enough time for proper posts, so check it out! And ofc, stalk my twitter to be up to date and ask me questions on my formspring, gonna answer them for sure, I'm checking my phones every 10minutes anyways, haha!

PS: FIY, I ordered the three rings from asos yesterday, can't wait for them to arrive!

PPS: I'm working on a small, cute favicon, should be online soon! I tried out a few sites to upload the favicon but they don't want to upload it, crap! Hope I'll find a solution xx


Saturday, 20 November 2010

The first two pictures are showing what I had for dinner today, alone, in front of the TV watching The Sleepover Club and Spongebob, ahh I loved it, haha! The last picture's my tasty lemontea which I'm gonna drink out of this cool, babyblue mug. Gonna watch the 21. episode of the third season GG now and then I'm off to bed, sleep tight, sweeties! xx


Fell in love with these three, erm, four rings! Pretty sure about buying number 2, 3 and 4, but I don't know if I should buy the first one or not, hmmm. What do you think?

EDIT: Someone asked me where they're from and how much they are: The first two rings are £6 each and the other two rings come in one pack for £10, all from asos!

And I thiiiink I'm gonna order them all now, hmm:D

,oh so simple

Hey guys! Just came back from Echternach, 45€ richer and now I have to start some serious studying. I could do a million other things right now, like tidying my room, baking, watching GG, read my new Grazia magazine, work on my layout or click through Onlineshops but no - I have to study german and biology, hmpf.
This is what I wore today, nothing really special, but I got in such a big hurry that I even applied my mascara and powder in the bus! Like I said, study-time now, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna post again tonight, gonna have free house! See ya 'til then xx

happy friday

Friday, 19 November 2010

I warned you, took a lot of pics, haha! Here we go:
1-Delicious Pasta for 5€ - heavennnn!
4-Isabel and my nails, looks so cool together!
5-from left to right: Isabel's, Nora's and my shoes. Note: gottofindtheshopwhereNoragotthesefabulousbootsfor25€!
6+7-No explanation needed, <3
8-Tell me this doesn't look cool?
10-This is SO me, seriously. This is me when I'm with my friends, when I can do what I want, even if it's embarassing as hell, they're used to my personality, that's what you call real friends!
11-I'm soo jealous of her gorgeous hair!!