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Monday, 18 October 2010

Really bad shots from my outfit, but I had no better opportunity to take better pictures, sorry!
Right now I'm still dreaming about the wedges from Missguided which I'd love to order, but since I don't have a Visa, I'd have to ask my mum to lend me hers and then I'll pay her the money back. But I'm 99,99% sure that she's gonna say No because I have enough stuff + she doesn't like it that much when I order stuff online, arghhh!! Can't anybody help me? Obviously not, boo!

Whatever, my day was quite good, sold a top and a pair of shoes, which means I'm 20€ richer now (yey for me!) and we're starting a new theme in physics which I quite understood, so maybe physics won't be as horrible and boring as it used to be the first weeks of school. I'm still nervous about Chemistry, gonna have a study-afternoon with Z, so I hope it's gonna be okay!
I'm now off to get something to eat or I'll die of hunger, right here, right now.
See you sweethearts!

And don't forget this!


  1. your blazer is lovely! good luck with trying to persuade your mum (:


  2. Here's an idea...go to the grocery store, and buy a Visa debit gift card :) You can use it like a credit card :)

  3. Haha ich liebe diesen Song <3
    Und schönes Outfit!


  4. Gorgeous outfit, as usual. Your blazer is sick! Sadly, I gave all my blazers away after getting bored of them, so now i just long for them all back hahah. Oh, I just did a MASSIVE photography post, if you wanted to check it out? And thanks so much for your sweet comment! Panda xo

  5. just like my daily outfit :) x


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