Sunday, 10 October 2010

i would love to see a post about what you think is going to be big this winter. a fashion realted post with pictures and your opinions. lots of love xxMary

hmm the idea isn't bad, but i don't only follow trends.. but i'll think about something similar!:) xx

I got this request a few days ago on my Formspring and decided to do it now! While I was looking through the New In sections of a few Online Shops, I also fell over many not so beautiful things and decided to do a yes and a no list! Here you go:


everything's from New Look, Asos and Topshop!

  Conclusion: I really, really like brown, black, beige, salmon-colour (no idea how it's called), high wedges, big cardigans, big knits, smooth dresses and thunder-patterns.
I don't like fishnet-leggings, sequined things, manga-ish accessoires, too high boots, especially when they're Lace-Up+Wedge, clogs with studds, shiny boots and snakeskin patterns.

Did you like this post? And what do you want me to post more about? Comment below or tell me here!
PS: Have you noticed my new header? What do you think about it? I personally love it!


  1. Yeah, I think he does too! :P Nice post! I love the lightning t-shirt. On which internet shop did you find it? :D

  2. your new header is AMAZING!
    comparing glowing freckles to stars.. very clever ;)

  3. Gaah! That's allot for a T-shirt. :/

  4. i love the shorts. very nice for winter with a pair of thick tights. your header is lovely also.
    i just personally would like to see more stuff from your ordinary life
    but great post:)

  5. thanks:) what exactly do you mean with my ordinary life? my days usually are pretty boring, hehe:D


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