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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
1.I mustn't fail physics, I mustn't fail physics, I mustn't..
2.I mustn't fail chemistry, I mustn't fail chemistry, I mustn't fail che.. 
3.Hmmm what should I wear tomorrow, hhhmmm?
4.Where am I gonna buy a camera, uh I should focus more on school
5.Oh no, I have maths today (I think that really a lot, since I have maths everyday, haha!)
6.How can I get more followers?

No outfitpost today, because my dad brought the camera home (yey!), but since he wasn't at his workplace, he couldn't bring the USB-thingie to put the pics on the laptop (not-so-yey) and our laptop doesn't have that kind of thing where you put the memorycard in (urgh). I took pictures, but yeah.. ha, ha.
I got a 7 in my physicstest and my mum was like "Ohhh good!!" hahahah?:D I'm happy about a 7, but still, my mum was like excited about the mark, whatever?:p

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