Sunday, 10 October 2010

Remember the boots I ordered on ASOS but they were too small? Well, I sent them back and yesterday I mailed them what I'm supposed to do now, since they're out of stock in black, if I should wait or look for something else and.. unlucky me, they're totally out of stock! So I looked through the boots and found three possibilities. The first ones would maybe be not high enough for winter, I really like the second ones and the third ones remind me of those I actually wanted, but the other ones were still prettier.. But before I'm deciding which ones to order, I'd love to hear your opinion, wich ones do you like the most?


  1. i think the first ones are pretty cool!

  2. huel dei eicht:) dei lecht sin sou wei dei deis de hues..
    an ech wollt meng neel och schwarz machen ahah:)


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