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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

my outfit! the pictures are a little blurry, the light isn't the best, but hey, they were taken at half past 6!
i did my homework, had dinner, took a shower and now finally have a little time to check all those blogs out which've updated today, update my own blog and just chill out this busy tuesday. i got back my maths and germantest, got 7 and 8, which is okay/good. spanishtest on friday, physics on monday (omg, how i'm not looking forward to the weekend) and yes.. what else can i say? i have my daily routine back again, getting up, having breakfast, going to school, coming home, doing homework, having dinner and going to bed. feels quite good, but i sometimes really feel like breaking out of all this, baaah. holidays in 4weeks, boo! see ya latero xx

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  1. thank you for the b-day wish dear :) I haven´t checked your blog for such a long time now I have to catch up! anyway I love your skirt ♥



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