Sunday, 3 October 2010


1+2; my outfit from yesterday, 3-isn't she beautiful? 4-yumyumyum!
we really gotta get Jil some more followers! make a little publicity for her blog, check it out and follow, you know you want to!:D click here for her blog!


  1. Nice try - but no.. :D Yuum,freshly squeezed orange juice! I'm already following Jil btw. :)

  2. the 'yard sale' (or whatever I should call it) is in Limpertsberg.. never been before so it's probably not the kind of people there who'll buy my clothes but hopefully I'll get something sold x)

    and I love your shoes/boots,
    and I'm already following Jil ;b

  3. It was in a friend house actually :p I think it's the best place to sell clothes (in a friend house ) xx


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