Monday, 11 October 2010

The pictures are pretty bad, I know, sorry. yes, well this is what I wore today, really simple! I felt like going through the day in a huge pyjama:D

i have two good and one bad news for you:
-I convinced my dad to bring his camera he gets from his work (but barely uses it) home, so I can use it to take pictures of my oufit:D
-When I'll have the camera, I'm thinking of doing a Vlog.. not sure yet, but.. yeah, I'm getting more interested in that idea!

-I won't be able to update on wednesday since my dad's taking our lapotop to work so that some collegue of him installs Microsoft Word, etc. Hope I'll be able to post again on thursday!

PS: Got an 8,4 in spanish which I'm very happy about because I expected something around 7 and physics was okay, ehe:D

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