one hour of boredom

Monday, 11 October 2010

 My brother and I went to my mum's work after school, but since I didn't have any homework(erm okay, I couldn't get myself to do french, haha), but my brother did, I had around one hour nothing to do. So what does little Nora do when there's a candy- and softdrinks-machine in the building? Right, I got tons of candy and a coke and ate an drank so much that I started feeling ill after finishing, congrats, Nora!:D (I only ate the Snickers and one and a half of the Skittles pack though!)
Ah and then I remember that I have my mascara in my bag and.. taddamm, I found something to fight against my boredom!
This post is so wonderful useless, but I had to show you all these sweets *__*


  1. whoa, your skittle bags look so weird! :D I live in the USA so you can imagine that they're a bit different! :D


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