Sunday, 3 October 2010

so i also bought the grey leggings, which i really love (i already have them in black), because they're really opaque, so that you can also kind of wear them as trousers, without being afraid that everybody can see your ass:D ah yeah, they're from ZARA, btw. and that shirt is from H&M, it's really comfortable and reminds me a little of those galaxyprints. mum even pays me the money back for it, because she says i once bought something useful for the weather/upcoming temperatures, haha!


  1. I love those leggings, They look so comfatable and stylish. I need a pair! Oh, and thank you so much for your amazing comment. I feel pretty shit about not replying earlier, so I mad up for it by doing a MONSTER post :D Thanks again!
    Panda xx

  2. Love them, especially the leggings!


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