Friday, 1 October 2010

i took the picture which now is my header already like two weeks ago, but didn't have the time to actually upload it.
please tell me, honestly, what you think about it, the picture and the "just let me in through the back door", it's both from the song Factory Girl from The Pretty Reckless, which is one of my favourites of their songs. i'm actually liking it but not sure, if i should not also maybe change the layout like a liiiittle bit.. hoping for your feedback, guys!

if you don't wanna/can't comment below, let me hear your opinion here!


  1. fannen dein Header zimlech cool en passt zu dengem Blog :) xoxo, Irena <3

  2. I kind of like it. Not sure about the squared paper,but I still like it. x

  3. fannen ed schein:) geng ed jusd op en ganz weissd steck blaat machen :) xx


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