New Babies!

Friday, 22 October 2010

One with, one without flash. Choose the picture you prefer, I couldn't decide, hah.
These two beauties arrived today! Both from Asos, I'm in love! I actually have huuuge feet in those shoes, but they're so cool, so down to earth, so simple but still special.. and they're so damn comfortable! The necklace was on Sale, it was around £6 before and I got it for £2, just felt like adding it to my shoppingbag, haha!
Yeh, a lot of B/W, I know, but I have such an ugly brown carpet, didn't want it on the pics!

Oh and I got a mail from Missguided. Remember me writing about the Jeggings and boots I ordered? Well, the order got cancelled. Yes, cancelled, FML? Why: We found your transaction as a high risk flag, can you please provide us ID and proof of address so we can dispatch your order as soon as possible. I mailed them if I could get more Information about what I should do now, but they only answer mails from Monday to Friday from 9-5:30pm! Anybody knows what to do in that situation so that I can maybe fix that before them answering? I don't wanna wait another two weeks for my stuff to arrive!:(


  1. I love the shoes, truly!
    But if they were mine, i think i would spray paint the heels black. I think they look a bit erhhm, i dont know.
    But i love them, and i love love love your blog! :D

  2. Loving these stuff. Very nice buys.

  3. you're paying through paypal? if so, you should just send them your right adress, they just have to make sure.

  4. @jessica: i paid with Visa..

  5. love the shoes. they look comfortable


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