Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I actually planned on taking pics of my outfit outside, but when I cam home aroun half past 6, I had dinner nearly immediately and then I talke for like 30minutes with my mum and, wooops, suddenly it was all dark outside! One more thing I don't like about Winter. I hope the pictures are good enough anyways!
I have nothing really to tell, only that I'm really looking forward to the holidays since I already made a couple of plans and I got so many suggestions about what to post from you all, thank you! But I guess I'll get back to that some time later. Ah yeah, as you can maybe see, I changed the size of the pictures to 600 instead of 800, just like I had them before, because I noticed that they were getting a little unsharp. As long as I don't have a better camera, I'll just keep them this size, I'll see that again when I have another camera ;)

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