keep or sell?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Here I'm wearing my new shirt I bought yesterday. I'm actually thinking about if should keep it or not.. I didn't try it on and I was like "It's only 7€, fuck it!". I'm so cool, right? Not at all, I don't think it actually is my colour.. What do you think? Keep or Sell?

I'm superpissed because I don't get chemistry, wooooh!


  1. Absolutly Keep!! you are soooo cute with it. The color isn't that bad, I mean, it is natural and you can wear it in many different occasion. I love it and I love how you put it in the outfit (the tight are really beautiful ;)

    So my opinion is you should keep it ;D

  2. I think these are a lovely pair of wedged boots. Keep them for sure! Rather versatile. Liking the asymmetrical top!

  3. i think sell. the shape doesn't look very flattering, will be hard to find ways to wear it, i think :/

  4. and, haha, the girl above me about the wedge boots.. silly when they don't read the text and make such a funny mistake :D


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