Thursday, 28 October 2010

Yesterday's outfit. I put the pictures together because of the rather bad quality!

I don't have much time to post since I have to study some more Geography for tomorrow and gotta hurry to get the Lasagna out of the oven. My day was good, I'm pretty satisfied with my french- and englishmarks which were 7+9=8 (FR) and 10+9,5=9,75!!:D (EN). Getting back Chemistry after the holidays and just trying to get one more schoolday done, I'm dead! Don't except any update tomorrow, I'm gonna spend the time from when school's out until dancing with friends, then probably going to a friend's place, get ready and go out. So don't wait for an update:) Gonna post again tonight, I think, though!
So like I said, bye for now, see ya later, I'd say xx

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  1. They aren't that bad the quality of these pictures! The first one is rather perfect!And congrats to your marks ;)


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