Monday, 25 October 2010

My outfit! I actually also wore my new necklace, but since I didn't take my scarf off all day long, it totally disappeared under it, oww! My day was pretty cool, especially because we left after 8 minutes of waiting when german should've begun, quickly went to the busstop and then suddenly someone shouted that the teacher just arrived (it was 13minutes after the second bell, though!) but we just didn't go to class, we "didn't know that she was there", hahah:D soo we spent our first two hours in Auchan, having second breakfast and having a good time instead of sitting in german, ha! Guess we'll get our revenge tomorrow, hehe.
I'm gonna choose the winners of the giveaway in a couple of minutes, stay tuned! xx

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  1. Love love love your outfit. You're beautiful!


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