Half dead

Sunday, 31 October 2010

This picture kind of describes how I'm feeling right now. I'm tired and lazy, but also super-awake and excited at the same time. I'm hungry but also a little sick. My nose and knee's killing me but at the same time I don't really care. In other words: I had an amazingly, funny time. We watched way too many movies, which included Saw3, Mean Girls, The Girls from St. Trinian, half of the Rambo-movie and whatever more. We ate too much asian rice, chips and candy, drank way too much Coke and slept around 6h, woo!
I now gotta hurry to get under the shower, put in my lenses, get dressed, put on some make-up I have here, since I left half of my make-up things at A's place and then hurry to get the bus for town to meet J and go to her and K's place to have.. another sleepover! And all this in about an hour, I'm officially gonna fail this mission. Next post on Monday or sometimes, xx

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