Friday, 15 October 2010

Maybe some of you remember, that Kristiana once made a giveaway on her blog, where you could win coupons of 30€ for the Onlinestore Naketano. Well, I won one of the coupons and since I got the code via mail, I somehow stayed in contact with the brand. A few weeks ago I got a mail if I'd like to do advertisement or something simliar for them and I told them about my giveaway-problem: nothing to actually give away, haha! They now gave me the possibility to give 20coupons of 30€ away, for their shop! I don't know if there'll be enough people participating (I hope so, ofc!), but I guess I'll see that soon enough. If there aren't so many people participating, I'll give only 5 to 10 coupons away, but yeah, we'll see, it all depends on you!

Details about the Giveaway:
What do I have to do? Since this is supposed to be a Thank you to all my lovely followers, you gotta be one too! If you aren't yet, just follow me now and voilà, you can participate!
How can I enter your giveaway? You have two possibilities: Either you do a post about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one), or you comment below this post: What do you want me to post more? Give me 2 to 3 things, whatever it is, shout it out loud!
After that, leave the link to the post (if you made one), your name and your e-mail add.
Until when do I have the chance to participate? I'm not sure how long the giveaway is gonna go on, also depends on the number of participaters, I guess. As soon as I decided the deadline, I'll let you know!

The winners are gonna be chosen randomly, but the post/suggestions gotta be good, hehe!:D

More about the Onlinestore HERE. And now, quick, comment below! Good luck xx


  1. dain blog ass schonn iwwa!! :)

  2. welcome! :) wars de schonn zu léck?wann io, irgendeng tipps? :p x

    here, I made a post about this giveaway, hehe :D <3 And your blog is just amaziinngg !! ;)

  4. hey! :) i really like your blog and i can't think of many things you could change...
    maybe you could post some of your drawings or music you like.

  5. Woooooow this is really cool! I had a look to the onlyne store, and I loved it sooo much! There is actually a pullover I put my eyes on..hehe :)
    So Thank you for giving me this chance, I'm going to follow you and I try to get the coupon.

    Thank you very much!!

    ps I had a look to your blog, it rocks. You are sooo cute! I d love to photograph you, unfortunatly we live too far (well, not so far luxemburge, but I don't go there...).

  6. Hehe, ok you are absolutly right!
    I choose the second option, because I use my blog only to show my pictures. So I've tried to find some good pieces of advice, or comment on your blog.

    1. Pay attention to the pictures (haha, well I'm a photographer, so this is the first thing it came to me). For example in Outfit/GOOD&BAD NEWS the second picture is a little bit blurred. And sometimes (but I don't know if it is my computer or the pictures selves) they are a little bit too dark. This is not bad, but attention that pictures are the things that stand out the most, in a blog

    2. Sometimes you show the clothes you just bought, i d love to see how you wear them. So you could for example take the picture of the clothe, and then a picture of the clothes weared by you.

    3. This could be an advice, regarding the point two. When you show something you just bought, as I told you you could take the picture of you wearing that clothe. But I think it could be also nice to show a couple of pictures in which you wear it, and all of them in a different style. So there is the same clothe in different kind of outfit. I love this stuff, but around the blogs is hard to find it. It could be hard, but cool.

    Well, just some reflection I did... :D

    Wops before I've forgot my e-mail so here I m:

    take care

  7. Please enter me! My email is

    As for your posts, I love reading about life stories, fashion and makeup!

    Good luck xx <3

  8. dein blog ass einfach schon nemmen cool ! ech fannen dass de genau dat richtegt post an ech liesen dein blog zimlech gaer deng outfits post gefaallen mer besonneg gudd :)

    meng e-mail adress:

    xoxo, Irena <3


    - well, i love your blog, just like it is right now.
    you could maybe sometimes post things that you like - like i did on my blog ( )

    hope i win :bxx


    - well, i love your blog just like it is.
    you could maybe sometimes (not to often) things that you like - like i did on my blog:
    songs? i dont know.

    hope i win :bxx

  11. this is such a great giveaway! thanks for doing this :)

    i would love to see even more fashion posts from you! im in love with your style :)
    maybe some DIY posts too?

    my names america milani and my email is

  12. hey! i love your blog and i only have a couple suggestions:'d be really nice if you'd show us things which you'd like to buy or maybe write your opinions on clothes collections from shops/designer
    2. if you'd take like one item of clothing and show different ways you could wear it (i think kristiana did this on her blog once and i found it really interesting) :)


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