Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh wow, awesome phone-quality! Whatever, you can kind of see my outfit from yesterday here. My boots are just perfect. I wore them from 8 in the morning 'til 11in the evening, with two breaks of about 1hour and a half and my feet didn't really hurt that much! Only in the evening I had an emergency-shoe-change since I couldn't even walk properly anymore, but hey, I wore them 12hours!

My plans for the holidays:
- Go to A's place, watch horror movies, eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and get only a few hours of sleep.
- Going to J and K's place, same plans, just that here we're gonna be only girls
- Have familydinner
- Meet Jil sometime.
- Maybe go to Liège. After seeing how many nice things Jenny bought there (they have a Primark over there!!) I felt a huge need of going there too, heh.
- Meet a few people to sell stuff.
Enjoy holidays, I'd say?:D

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