Fade away

Saturday, 9 October 2010

just some random pictures of what i'm wearing, i stayed at home all day , though. i tried some effect out on the last picture and loove the result, the colours are perfect for autumn/winter!
i'm waiting for my friend to call me back because i gotta ask her something about physics. i didn't study that much today, but i at least read all the pages our teacher told us to read before the test. since i nearly fell asleep reading such boring stuff, i made an one-hour-long siesta, then made some sweet/sour noodles and read the rest. i think i'm gonna look through all that uninteresting stuff, make myself leomonade and watch some GG. xx


  1. Love your outfit, the wedges are great! Good luck with Physics!

  2. i thought u wanna sell these wegdes :p

  3. no!:O i'm selling a pair of wedges, but they're sandals!


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