Eenie Meenie

Sunday, 10 October 2010

i just had to do this, how cool is it?!
Day Two: Nine things about yourself

1.I share my birthday with Rihanna, who's turning 23 when I'm turning 16.
2.I wanted to become an artteacher when I was younger.
3.When I started first year primary, in the german section, I only spoke like 3 words in german, but my french was almost perfect.
4.I've never moved to another house in my whole life.
5.I eat, talk and laugh too much.
6.I've never died my hair in my whole life, I haven't even had highlights or something similar in my hair.
7.Eventhough I made tests and those were negative, I think that I'm allergic to cats, like 0,01%, always when I'm with a cat and I hug it and play with it, I have a red nose and itchy eyes.
8.I can't stand watching someone biting in tissue, or even worse, me biting in tissue, waah.
9.When I had Facebook for only a couple of days, I hated it and didn't see the point of using it. Now I'm addicted :p

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