Saturday, 9 October 2010

Here's a bunch of photos from friday, OMG, i had so much fun and i'm nearly crying of laughing right now when looking through all these awesome pictures!:D
i totally forgot to tell you guys that nearly the two german classes from 5th year(so me included) are participating in some dance-cours, where you learn those basics dances like Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, etc. it's every friday at 5at Gare, but since i and another few friends already have free at 14h50, we always go to Auchan or C's house (the pics are all taken in her garden), since she lives 5minutes away from school. The dance-cours is really fun, especially because 2/3 of the people there are only the german from the european school:D
But yesterday i stayed at C's place with a couple of girls to celebrate C's early birthday, which was a loot of fun, since she has that light that makes everythink that's white kind of glow in the dark and those lights which go off and on like veeeery fast, so we danced like 3hours in a row, it was just as good as going out!
Oh and: my maths- and physicsteacher's son is in my parallelclass and he lives a few houses away from C, so we all (we were 8people!) went to his house (the teacher wasn't there ofc:p) and saw our TEACHER'S HOUSE, WHOA, hahaha:D so not important, but whatever, it was reaaal fun and i'm looking forward to the next friday afternoons!


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  2. The photos are super cute! Love your outfit, the tights are gorgeous! You're so thin, how do you do it? So jealous!(:

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Love these photos, you all look amazing. And the boy in the purple shirt is so cute.

    xx Fesi-Fashion

  4. that first pic is too cute :) your pictures are fun and awesome! xx


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