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Saturday, 2 October 2010

selfmade lemon-lemonade. the perfect drink for me, because i'm not a big fruitlover (but a huge vegetablefreak!), which means that my parents keep on telling me that my body needs more vitamins, but when drinking this.. they don't have any reason to complain anymore, eh?:p okay, whatever, this is so useless:D
i had a really nice day with Jil, we didn't take that many pics at all, there were way too many people in town, plus the weather wasn't really the best. i also bought some stuff, i think i'll post pictures tomorrow!
i'm now gonna enjoy my lemonade, watch some more GG and wait for my parents (i'm with my brother, ofc) enjoy the rest of your evening, guys! xx

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  1. I saw that you follow kristiana blog so I wanna tell you tath I create a Kristiana V. fan page come and check ;p


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