Saturday, 23 October 2010

ohh Imagesheep works again:D! [weeeh my nose's fat here]

I wanted to show you this picture already two days ago, but somehow always forgot to post it. It's from Wednesday. I stole my mum's light brown lipstick and really liked the colour, especially for autumn. The colour looked better in reality, though!
Just quickly wanted to let you know that I'm studying history now which is really boring, but that I made another order on Missguided and I'm just hoping that it's working this time! Gonna post more later, I have to bring myself to at least finish that history-summary, then I'll allow myself to post and post and post and.. watch GG, hah! See ya later xx


  1. u have nice eyes. but i cant really see the lipstick

  2. your eyes look amazing here! :)


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