Saturday, 23 October 2010

I found these two gorgeous pieces while looking for something in the wash-room (yeah, again, haha!) and tried both on, here's a picture of the leather jacket:
it's a liiittle big in the shoulders (it's from Mango and an S, explains everything)

I personally am quite happy because I wanted a leatherjacket, something tougher for a while now and this one is really nice in my opinion! Eventhough the sleeves are a little long, but whateveeer! What do you think?

PS: The shirt's gonna be in the next post!


  1. what do you mean with, found in washroom? it's like you've stolen it from someone's else or it's your family's? i just don't get it :D

  2. heheh it's from my family, mum's stuff! it's like the room where our washingmachine is in, you know, there are quite a lot of clothes hanging around my mum's not wearing anymore and stuff :D


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